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Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity and Inclusion

The U.S. Probation & Pretrial Services Office, for the District of Minnesota, values cultural competence with the hopes of strengthening how we interact with one another.  

We thrive to build understanding amongst our community and persons under supervision.

We are committed to having an open mind to different cultural perspectives, strengthen cultural security, and work towards equality and opportunity.

We See More Than

"We See More Than" was developed as part of an effort to encourage healing and build trust within the respective communities of the U.S. Probation & Pretrial Services Offices for the Districts of Minnesota, Northern Ohio and Western Michigan who joined together to highlight how equity, diversity, and inclusion are ingrained in our organizational culture. Collectively and with the assistance of outstanding staff, we produced this local video presentation to showcase who we are and our respective organizational values which include equity, diversity, and inclusion.

"We See More Than” represents a small fraction of how the U.S. Probation & Pretrial Services Office can help change the narrative with respect to how we embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion both from within and for those persons under supervision. It remains our commitment to expound upon this critical subject area, as we are equally responsible for how the community sees our effort in the fair administration of justice. We hope each of you find some use of our video, with respect to encouraging equity, diversity, and inclusion.