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The U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services Office thrives on professionalism and hold its officers to the highest of ethical standards, as noted within our Judiciary Code of Conduct. If your experience is to the contrary, we would like to hear from you. Please direct all complaints of unethical behavior by U.S. Probation Officers and/or other employees to the Deputy Chief, by contacting our main office at 612-664-5400. You may also submit your complaint, in writing, to the following email address: All complaints will be reviewed and addressed accordingly.


Q: What is the procedure for the drug testing program also known as Code-A-Phone Answering Service?
Q: How can I have my probation/supervised release terminated early?
Q: I have a family member/friend who is scheduled to be released from prison. They were convicted in federal court in another district or state but want to reside in the District of Minnesota. How can his/her case be transferred?
Q: I am an employer and I want to know if a prospective employee has been convicted of a crime, can you run a background check?
Q: What are the standard conditions of probation the court must impose?
Q: I am on probation/supervised release. Am I allowed to leave the state?
Q: I have been released from federal prison, how soon do I have to report for supervision?
Q: I know of a family member who is on Federal probation/supervised release, can you tell me what crime they committed?


Q: If I am convicted of a Federal crime, can I or a family member own or possess a firearm?
Q: How do I have my conviction expunged?
Q: If I am convicted of a felony in Federal court, can I vote?
Q: Where can I find the probation or pretrial service office mailing address?
Q: What is the presentence investigation phase of a case?
Q: What is supervision?
Q: Where can I find information about the district court’s judges and magistrate judges?
Q: If I am convicted of a Federal crime, am I permitted to hunt?
Q: I have been found guilty in Federal Court, what happens next?
Q: How do I get a certified copy of a document?
Q: I have a friend/family member who is in prison. How do I find out where he is being held?
Q: I am owed court-ordered restitution, who do I contact to get my money?
Q: I owe restitution for my crime. Who do I pay?


Q: I have been sentenced and am waiting to be told where to report to serve my sentence. Do I report to my U.S. Probation Officer until I am assigned to a prison?
Q: What is the role of the U.S. Pretrial Services Officer?
Q: What is the mission of U.S. Pretrial Services?
Q: Who decides if a defendant is detained or released?
Q: How long is a defendant on pretrial release before he/she is sentenced?
Q: What conditions of supervision can a defendant expect if released?
Q: What happens if a defendant violates conditions of release?
Q: Will compliance with pretrial release conditions reduce a defendant's sentence?