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Solicitation Questions and Answers


Fiscal Year 2023


Question 1: Is there a predetermined price list that prices should be based on, or any other guidance for determining a unit price?

Answer 1: There is no predetermined price list, and vendors are responsible for determining a competitive unit rate in accordance with fair market pricing. The vendor should consult the Statement of Work to understand the work requirements when determining the amount to charge for project codes. Acceptable prices will include the unit price, no charge, subcontracting, and factor in no shows. The judiciary will award the agreement based on an evaluation of those offerors who represent the best value after evaluation in accordance with the factors and subfactors in the solicitation. The offeror’s initial offer shall contain the offeror’s best terms. For additional information on the contract award, consult Section L of the solicitation document. Additionally refer to Section L for the instructions and required attachments for submitting a complete proposal, which includes a Certification of Compliance Statement (Attachment A), Background Statement (Attachment B), and Staff Qualification Form (Attachment C).

Question 2: The Requests for Proposals (RFPs) reference the “Witness and Expense Schedule”. Can you send that?

Answer 2: The Witness Fee and Expense Schedule mentioned in Section C under Deliverables for Vendor Testimony refers to the reimbursement available for vendors if called to testify in legal proceedings. The Department of Justice, and not U.S. Probation, is responsible both for setting the Witness Fee and Expense Schedule and for issuing any reimbursement payments for testimony. Please contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota for more information.

Question 3: U.S. Probation’s requirements for services are higher than those considered for reimbursement by insurance. If we were to bill a client’s insurance for services required by U.S. Probation, we would be reimbursed by insurance at rates lower than the rates provided for in the contract with U.S. Probation. How do we supplement this?

Answer 3: U.S. Probation can reimburse for services that we have authorized upon referral to treatment, which would include any requirements or treatment elements under the statement of work that are not covered by insurance. However, these service items must have been authorized within the program plan in advance of rendering services in order to be reimbursed. U.S. Probation cannot reimburse in full for services already paid for in full via insurance or any other funding source.

Question 4: If a Request for Proposal (RFP) includes project codes that we do not have the resources to provide, can we partner with another agency for those services?

Answer 4: Yes. In accordance with Section I, a vendor can team with another agency as a subcontractor to provide all services requested in the Statement of Work. Per Section I, “services that the vendor proposes to refer to other service providers shall be considered subcontracting.” Please reference the Section L requirements for subcontractors, noting specifics for Attachments A, B, and C, as well as Section M evaluation criteria. With regards to the Evaluation Factors for Award, proposed subcontractor personnel qualifications and facilities will be evaluated and considered in the determination of the offeror’s technical acceptability. Please note that the prime contractor is responsible for the overall performance of the services required under the agreement. Also, in Section L, Submission of Prices, “The offeror must provide a response to every requested service item,” and Section L A (3)(c) requires the vendor to insert the letter “S” following the price inserted in Section B for all subcontracted services.

Question 5: The Request for Proposal (RFP) for solicitation number 0864-23-MH06 does not include Administrative Fee (Project Code 1501), can we request that it be added?

Answer 5: No. The Administrative Fee project code is intended to be used to cover administrative costs associated with collecting fees directly from persons under supervision or their insurance providers, and it is not applicable to all service needs. The RFP in question does not include Administrative Fees as this service is for Re-Entry Court Program participants and it is anticipated that the majority of billing for these services will be with U.S. Probation directly. Vendors interested in submitting a proposal for this RFP should factor any anticipated administrative costs into their unit pricing calculations.

Question 6: The Request for Proposal (RFP) appears to allow for non-licensed staff to provide services, is this reading of the agreement correct?

Answer 6: For specific project codes, yes, non-licensed or provisionally licensed staff are allowed to provide certain services under the supervision of licensed professional staff. For Mental Health Intake Assessment and Report (Project Code 5011), the assessment can be conducted by a non-licensed, masters-level clinician under the supervision of a licensed professional in accordance with state licensing standards. Individual Mental Health Counseling (Project Code 6010) can also be provided by a provisionally licensed masters or doctoral level clinician under the supervision of a licensed professional in accordance with state licensing standards.